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Patentcategory: Cemetery Products/Accessories

Custom Stone Vaults

An innovative new product designed to serve as an effective method of memorializing the life of a loved one, the Custom Stone Vaults, has been developed by Flentrus Lee Murdock of Prairie, Mississippi. The invention’s unique design allows the deceased to be buried above ground in distinctive fashion.

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Taylor Specialty Tombstones

An innovative new product designed to significantly enhance the appearance of a conventional tombstone, the Taylor Specialty Tombstones, has been developed by James Taylor of Dover, New Hampshire. The invention’s unique design provides tombstones with adequate visibility, regardless of the surrounding environmental conditions.

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An innovative and eye-catching new product designed to provide a memorable new component to a conventional mausoleum setting, the Vitarama, has been developed by Francis Brefo of Sicklerville, New Jersey. The invention’s unique design will provide those visiting the deceased with a graphic and vivid overview of the person’s identity […]

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