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Patentcategory: Children's Safety Products/Accessories


A simple yet innovative apparel product designed to offer important protection for young children, the Griipes, has been developed by Brian Ruiz of Oswego, Illinois. The invention’s unique design enables it to effectively protect the hands of its wearers when engaging in physical activity such as playing on playgrounds or […]

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Child Alert

An innovative and potentially life-saving new product designed to prevent an all too common tragedy, the Child Alert, has been developed by Richard Lopez of Alice, Texas. The invention’s unique design insures that the presence of a child in a back seat does not go unnoticed.

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Child Saver

An innovative and highly essential new product designed to prevent an all-too-common tragedy, the Child Saver, has been developed by Gerald M. Rostholder of Okeechobee, Florida. The invention’s unique features enable it to provide parents and caregivers with an unmistakable reminder that a child is in the rear safety seat […]

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