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Patentcategory: Crafts/Gifts

Trophy Safe

An innovative new product designed to provide effective protection for valued awards and keepsakes, the Trophy Safe, has been developed by William D. Eubanks of Charlottesville, Virginia. The invention’s unique design helps insure the safe transportation, storage, or display of trophies.

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UP in Smoke Ashtray

An innovative new product designed as an eye-catching yet functional novelty item, the UP in Smoke Ashtray, has been developed by John Gangel of Ravenna, Ohio. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a fully usable ash tray that will also draw some laughs.

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3 in 1 Scrapbook

An eye-catching new product designed to help parents and caregivers preserve the precious memories of a baby’s first year in vivid detail, the 3 in 1 Scrapbook features a unique design which enables its users to collect and maintain accurate records of each milestone of the child’s first year in […]

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