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Patentcategory: Fencing/Fencing Accessories

Creative Fencing

An innovative new product designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, the Creative Fencing, has been developed by Lynnette S. Wilson of Salemburg, North Carolina. The invention’s unique design enables it to serve as a versatile fencing product that offers privacy and also enhances the look of the […]

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Grigg Animal Pen

An innovative and functional new product designed to serve an important need for pet owners, the Grigg Animal Pen, has been developed by Sanford Grigg of Pottsboro, Texas. The invention’s unique design provides pet owners with a secure and temporary housing for their animals in different settings.

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Sheppard Fencing Pry Bar

An innovative new product intended to serve as an effective solution to a common problem related to fencing, the Sheppard Fencing Pry Bar, has been developed by Addison Sheppard of San Antonio, Texas. The invention’s unique design enables its users to efficiently level off the height of all fence steel […]

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