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Patentcategory: Home Security

Sneek-A-Boo Peephole Safety Covers

An innovative new product designed to provide consumers with a creative yet functional accessory for their home, the Sneek-A-Boo Peephole Safety Covers, has been developed by Tina Marie Hawkins of Clinton, Maryland. The invention’s unique design offers homes and apartments with peepholes an unprecedented measure of privacy.

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Davis Lock Tumbler

An innovative new product designed to resolve a common problem related to unlocking doors, the Davis Lock Tumbler, has been developed by Stanley L. Davis of Aurora, Colorado. The invention’s unique design greatly simplifies the task of unlocking doors in poorly lit conditions.

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Safest Safety Bars and Windows

An innovative new product designed to bring unprecedented and vital functionality to conventional safety bars, the Safest Safety Bars and Windows, has been developed by Vernell Gipson of Morton, Mississippi. The invention’s unique design enables its users to be able to enjoy the safety and security of safety bars while […]

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