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Patentcategory: Marine Accessories

Stealth Light Cover System

An innovative new product targeted towards the enhanced illumination industry, including those who deploy auxiliary or off-road lighting systems on their vehicle. The Stealth Light Cover System was developed by inventor Jim Martin of Camarillo, California. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a convenient and effortless method of […]

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Buckler Speed Ratchet

An innovative new product targeted at the marine industry, the Buckler Speed Ratchet, has been developed by Robert Byers of Jena, Louisiana.  The invention’s unique design enables it to serve as a highly functional and useful improvement to a conventional tug boat ratchet.

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Universal Boat Weather Shield

An innovative new product designed to provide important protection from the elements for watercraft, the Universal Boat Weather Shield, has been developed by Keith Knight of Pollock Pines, California. The invention’s unique design insures that boats are shielded from the potentially disastrous effects of extreme weather year-round.

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