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Patentcategory: Office Products/Accessories

Space Saver

An innovative new product designed to effectively address a common need for workplace settings and locations, the Space Saver, has been developed by inventor Lindsey Lopez and Lisa Siafos of Brooklyn, New York. The invention’s unique design enables commercial establishments to comply with all requirements pertaining to workplace regulations without […]

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Hoover Multi-Purpose Compactor

A simple yet innovative new product designed to greatly improve the functionality of a widely used waste disposal accessory, the Hoover Multi-Purpose Compactor, has been developed by Jan Hoover Johnson of Savannah, Georgia. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a means of insuring optimal confidentiality and security when […]

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Slide ‘N Store Staple Remover

An innovative new product designed to serve as a handy and highly functional improvement on a conventional staple remover, the Slide ‘N Store Staple Remover, has been developed by Saheed Khan of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The invention’s unique design allows its users to remove staples without any of the numerous […]

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Battle Filing Cabinets

An innovative new product designed to make an extremely important and common office task optimally efficient and simple, the Battle Filing Cabinets, has been developed by Tierra L. Battles of Wilmington, Delaware. The product’s unique design enables the filing and document retrieval process to be performed quickly.

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