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Patentcategory: Software/Smartphone Applications

Green Tool Box

An innovative new digital application targeted at home owners and do-it-yourselfers, the Green Tool Box, has been developed by Matthew Green of Tonawanda, New York. The invention’s unique features enable it to provide its users with valuable home improvement information in seconds.

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Avatar Book

An innovative new application designed to facilitate a method of social interaction, the Avatar Book, has been developed by Irving Diaz of Fort Worth, Texas. The invention’s unique design and format helps alleviate the level of potential awkwardness and discomfort typically involved in meeting a new person.

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Guardian Angel

An innovative new product designed to serve as a highly valuable tool for cell phone users everywhere, the Guardian Angel App, has been developed by Paul Ferris of Beaumont, Texas. The invention’s unique capabilities enable it to serve multiple emergency functions for its users.

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