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Patentcategory: Sports/Fitness Apparel

Savion Olympic Wear

An innovative new product designed to serve as a highly effective fitness accessory, the Savion Olympic Wear, has been developed by inventor Earl McCutcheon of Baltimore, Maryland. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a formidable piece of fitness apparel.

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Athlete’s Vision

An innovative and eye-catching new twist on a widely used piece of sports apparel, the Athlete’s Vision, has been developed by Lue Overby and Thomas F. Shaw of Seattle, Washington. The invention’s unique appearance provides those who wear athletic jerseys with a highly personalized version of the product.

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Bodycrete Workout Shirt

An innovative and functional new piece of fitness apparel, the Bodycrete Workout Shirt, has been developed by Jubari Baker and Mark Thomas of Jacksonville, Florida. The invention’s unique design enables it to effectively address a common problem encountered when working out.  

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