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Patentcategory: Telecommunication Products/ Accessories

Safe Code

An innovative new smart phone feature designed to effectively prevent a common undesired occurrence, the Safe Code, has been developed by Hassan Faour of Syosset, New York. The invention’s unique feature helps smart phone owners effectively track down their devices when they are misplaced

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An innovative new product designed to provide important safety measures for its users on a number of different levels, the Protector, has been developed by Charles Sullivan of Columbus, Ohio. The invention’s unique design helps provide effective warnings and protection from a number of potential dangers in a timely fashion.

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Anthony’s Convenient Land Line System

An innovative new product designed to provide unprecedented convenience with regards to the use of the telephone, the Anthony’s Convenient Land Line System, has been developed by Anthony Mensah of St. Paul, Minnesota. The invention’s unique design enables its users to enjoy full, hands-free usage of their landline-based telephone.

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