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Patentcategory: Tobacco Products/Accessories

Vanity Smoking Kit

A simple yet innovative new product targeted at smokers everywhere, the Vanity Smoking Kit, has been developed by Joseph Domon of Richmond, California. The invention’s unique design provides smokers with an extremely convenient and secure method of storing all of their smoking-related essentials.

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Five Star Perforator

An innovative and functional new product targeted at all who enjoy cigars, the Five Star Perforator, has been developed by John Laone of Thomaston, Connecticut. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a convenient accessory that successfully avoids the flaws of other similar products designed for the same purpose

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Cigarillo Perforator Splitter

An innovative new product designed to effectively address a common problem related to the splitting of cigars, the Cigarillo Perforator Splitter, has been developed by Mario De Guzman of Fairfield, California. The invention’s unique design enables its users to efficiently perforate cigars without ruining them.

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