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Patentcategory: Umbrellas/Umbrella Accessories


An innovative and highly functional twist on a commonly-used item, the Tele-Brella, has been developed by inventor Bruce Wilczynski of Villa Park, Illinois. The invention’s unique design helps insure that a conventional umbrella provides its users with an additional function vital to the protection of a valuable consumer electronics device.

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Kalen Buddy

A simple yet effective new product designed to prevent a common problem related to umbrellas, the Kalen Buddy, has been developed by Marina Kalendareva of Briarwood, New York. The invention’s unique design helps to greatly reduce the chances that an umbrella will be misplaced or forgotten in public

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Any Weather Umbrella

An innovative new product designed to represent a highly functional enhancement of an often used product, the Any Weather Umbrella, has been developed by Elnora Vincent of Harvey, Louisiana. The invention’s unique design renders it an umbrella that provides protection at any time of year and at virtually any temperature.

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