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Patentcategory: Video Game Accessories

Brunson Drive

An innovative and useful new video game accessory, the Brunson Drive, has been developed by inventor Darrell Brunson of Tacoma, Washington. The invention’s unique design enables it to effectively enhance the enjoyment of video game play.

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Wise Hi Tech Game Controller

A simple yet eye-catching new twist on a widely used video game accessory, the Wise Hi Tech Game Controller, has been developed by Justin Wise of Rahway, New Jersey. The invention’s unique design brings an unprecedented functionality and look to a standard video game controller.

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Xtraordinary Drive Station

An innovative new product designed to serve as a valuable accessory for video game enthusiasts, the Xtraordinary Drive Station, has been developed by Esteban Lowery of Campbellsville, Kentucky. The invention’s unique design provides its users with a highly functional video game controller that will enhance the experience of playing certain […]

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The Play Screen

An innovative new product targeted at the millions of video game enthusiasts worldwide, the Play Screen, has been developed by Lesley J. Winfield, Jr. of Kansas City, Missouri. The invention’s unique design allows its users to enjoy unparalleled convenience when it comes to being able to play games on a […]

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An innovative new product targeted at gamers everywhere, the Viper, has been developed by Roberto Acosta of Manteca, California. The invention’s unique design helps insure that video game aficionados have unprecedented control over their controllers.

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