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Patentcategory: Water Sports Accessories

Sail Craft

An innovative new product designed to considerably enhance the capabilities of a wide variety of mobile crafts and vehicles, the Sail Craft, has been developed by Adriel DeGoede of Kirkland, Washington. The invention’s unique design provides its users with an aftermarket add-on accessory that can improve the performance of their […]

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Eileen’s Slip Ons

A simple yet useful new product that protects the feet of its users when at the beach, the Eileen’s Slip Ons, has been developed by Nazaret Medina of Carteret, New Jersey. The invention’s unique design enables it to serve as a comfortable and viable alternative to water shoes currently available.

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Pool Tube Holder

A simple yet highly useful new product for pool owners, the Pool Tube Holder, has been developed by Marc Cooper of Glendale, Arizona. The invention’s unique design enables it to effectively address a common problem related to keeping pool accessories and toys organized.

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Water Wing

An innovative new product designed to provide its users with enhanced enjoyment of various water-based activities, the Water Wing, has been developed by George A.D. Byrne of North Scituate, Rhode Island. The invention’s unique design enables its users to directly engage in a number of different water sports, including water […]

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